Fabrication & Heavy Rolling


Quality Tank & Construction Co., Inc. has experienced employees and the equipment to fabricate and assemble all your industrial needs. Our equipment includes plate shears, ironworkers, positioners, large capacity bridge cranes, truck mounted cranes, and other industrial equipment needed to perform demanding jobs. We have extensive experience in mechanical contracting and industrial fabrication. We can provide structural steel fabrication and erection, including platforms complete with access stairways, ladders, and handrails. We can also provide knock-down components and tanks for assembly at your location. We have extensive experience in mechanical contracting and industrial fabrication. Telephone or email us today for your industrial fabrication needs.

Heavy Rolling

Quality Tank & Construction Co., Inc. has the personnel and equipment to quickly and effectively form materials from 16 gauge to 6” thick. We also have the welding equipment to effectively join the finished products, including submerged arc welders (SAW), flux-cored arc welders (FCAW), and gas metal arc welders (GMAW). Let us help you with your rolling and forming project. We have experience with large diameter, heavy wall pipes, stacks, crucibles, retorts, cones and rings. Telephone or email us today to discuss your rolling or forming needs.

Construction Controls:

  • Daily Foreman meeting – Review safety & work in progress
  • Weekly schedule updates and progress meetings with stakeholders
  • Track purchasing & fabrication status (identify long lead items)
  • RFI, Submittal, Change Order Logs
  • Subcontractor Monitoring
  • Continued risk assessment process
  • Scheduling inspection & reviewing quality for compliance
  • Monthly Progress Payment meetings (verify & agree on progress)
  • Develop & close-out punch list items as work progresses

Post-Construction Controls:

  • Post-Project review of performance with Owner (lessons learned)


Kiln Selections

Structural Steel


Heat Exchangers

Heavy Rolling



Custom Fabrication


Field Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance is a big part of Quality Tank QTI. Our employees work on something different literally every day. The skills required takes years of hands on training. This type of work also requires a certain type of personality. We recruit ambitious and driven men from trade schools, high schools and word of mouth and along with great trainers, we have built a great team.

Field Maintenance Capabilities:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Precipitators
  • Digesters
  • Structural
  • Scrubbers

Heat Exchangers






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